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Mon-Fri 9:30AM - 5:30AM


About Us


Carmel Tea Culture and Arts Center Serves The Purpose of Introducing and Embracing Ancient Oriental Tea Culture

We provide high quality natural and organic loose-leaf tea cultivated from high and vast mountains in Asia.

We are a newly established local tea, arts, and culture center located in Sorrento Valley of San Diego area. We are performing as a cultural liaison that strives to introduce and embrace ancient oriental tea culture as well as traditional oriental artworks. We provide high quality authentic oriental tea, tea accessories including tea brewing pots, tea cup sets, and pottery tea canisters, tea furniture, VIP tea room rental services, and much more.
Our hand picked and crafted loose-leaf teas are all cultivated from plants and flowers growing in the high and vast mountains in Asia, that are rich in both flavor and health benefits. Each of our tea room is furnished with high end exquisite tea table set and decorated by beautiful paintings creating a harmonic and peaceful atmosphere for our customers to relax and seek balance between mind and work.
We offer a variety of selections of original paintings including traditional watercolor paintings, modern western oil paintings, and one-of-a-kind intricate Chinese reed arts, that will definitely take your breath away.

The origin of the tea

Tea is the national drink of China. It is discovered by Shennong (the pharmacology originator), honored by the  Lu Zhou Gong (one of the famous king of Zhou dynasty), got popular in the Tang Dynasty, flourishing in the Song Dynasty, now has become popular in the world and be regarded as one of three major wine-free drinks (tea, coffee, and Cocoa). Tea has been grown and enjoyed throughout the world. Over 50 countries are planting tea. If we trace back, the world's first tea to drink, the introduction of tea, and tea method, planted cultivation techniques, processing technology, tea ceremony customs, etc., are directly or indirectly spread from China to the world. China is a place of origin, known as the "tea of ​​the motherland." All tea things over the world are linked with China.

Open time

We open Mon-Fri 10am-10pm, Saturda-Sunday 7pm-12pm


We are on the second floor and please go up directly


Our arts are hanging on the wall and welcome to have a look

Free cup

Come and get a free cup of Tea!

Our team provides you with the following products:

Tea: black tea, green tea, Tieguanyin, oolong tea, jasmine tea;

Tea sets: all kinds of tea sets, glass, ceramic;

Tea furniture: Classical Chinese tea furniture;

Crafts: Chinese painting and Intangible Cultural Heritage related arts;

Tea room: We have 6 tea rooms for you to reserve, private and professional.

Contact Us


Company Address: 6440 LUSK BLVD STE D208, SAN DIEGO CA92121

E-mail: sales@carmeltea.com

Phone: 858-263-4880